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  1. I have two of those pictures up on my wall shrine. The two of Hitler and Himmler together. Since you keep showing pictures of Eva Braun I have something funny to share at least it was funny to me. I worked in a grocery store for awhile until I found a better job. There was a guy who worked there although he could be quite intelligent he suffered from some sort of autism. Just as a joke one day I walked up to him and said,” who do you think I was in my last life?” A cab driver he said. He looked upset and said he didn’t have that ability. I just laughed then walked away. Then a female coworker said,” you didn’t ask me what I think.” So I said ok who do you think I was? She said,Eva Braun. I laughed and said well maybe I was Adolf Hitler and then she laughed and said, no you have better cheekbones. I thought it was funny. It’s funny to me because wherever I work I am always associated with the Third Reich even by people who don’t like history or even have an interest in that time period.

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