One thought on “Ave Fascismo!

  1. Although I have never had an interest in Mussolini I really like that video. The music was very beautiful. If you haven’t guessed by now music really moves me in ways other art forms don’t. I am sure you must have seen his death photos where he was hung with his mistress and they are a bloody mess. Even though I am not a fan of his it’s a shame to view it but not as much as seeing the death photos of the high ranking Nazis officials executed at the Nuremberg trials. The American asshole that executed him, his name eludes me didn’t set up the noose properly and took these men over 18 minutes to die. Some of them looking perfectly fine and unharmed while others you can clearly see that their faces are severely bruised. When I saw that for the first time I was very enraged. Luckily the US government never allowed him to execute anyone ever again. Goering was smart to commit suicide before his scheduled execution. Sorry I go on and on at times but I just have such strong feelings about this particular time in history.

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