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  1. That’s a funny picture with the Jews then the Nazi symbol in the back. I have a funny story. I used to work in a crystal shop. A lot of Jews and Russians used to come in I don’t like either so I refused to help them and made my coworkers help them. When that wasn’t possible I wasn’t very nice to them. Anyway only two of my coworkers new of my Nazi interest. One male , one female. Although they weren’t pro Nazi by any means we would talk about it and they would humor me. The female was very pro Jewish but the guy was more cool. One day though 2 Jewish women from Israel came in. She was helping them. As typical of them they were trying to Jew down the price of the crystals. They were so insistent that they were making my coworker angry. To the point where she said,” where are your Nazis now I could use them.” I tried to conjur up every image of them to flow into the crystals so when they got back home to Israel they said they were using them for ceremony’s they would all blow up. The next day they picked up their crystals and they went around hugging everyone because they got their way, I ran in the other direction.

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