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  1. I would like to ask a question if possible. The symbol you have with the yellow shield and Griffin. What does that represent to you? The only reason I ask is because a guy from Germany recently came into a store I work at. He said his English wasn’t good but I didn’t have any problem understanding him. As he was buying some things I started asking him personal questions. He told me where in Germany he was from and where he worked. He said he was only going to be in my town for one day then he was going to another town 45 minutes away for training. I didn’t pry and ask what kind of training. His backpack was on the counter and it said Germany and it had that symbol on it. I pointed and said I liked it but he didn’t say anything. Three days later another man from Germany came in and I helped him. Again he stressed his English wasn’t very good but I didn’t have a problem. I get along really well with German people. It’s always a pleasure when I get to be around them. Unfortunately they only come visit my area at certain times of the year.

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