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  1. Liked the Adolf meaning Noble wolf. I love wolves. My friend is an artist and I had him draw me a black wolf. He also drew the eagle and swastika symbol for me in charcoal and put a mat around it. It’s on one of my altars.

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      • Let me tell you what happened to me this morning before work. I saw the uploaded In service to Hitler. I’m listening to all these speeches. Hitler, Himmler, Hess and Goebbels and more of Hitler. I decide to place it on my altar. I get involved but I have to go to work. I turn it off and place it in my bag. 5 minutes later Hitler’s screaming his speech in my bag. My phone is turned off yet Hitler’s talking. I turn my phone on to try to get it to stop, it doesn’t stop. Finally I take it to the room with the biggest shrine. I say Hitler you have to stop talking I need to go to work. Then the speech stopped. I thought my phone had a virus in it or something but it’s fine now. My point in sharing this is, the erection of my altars/ shrines bring on this kind of phenomenon. It has been happening for years. I can’t explain why or how this happens. I showed only one other person my stuff and talked about what weird things happen to me. If I were to show my pictures it could escalate it or completely stop it altogether. I enjoy the unusual phenomenon and my strange connection with what was once the Third Reich.


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